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Dr. Kavita Bhatt 'Shailputri'

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Shailputri Foundation

PNB Road,  Shrinagar, (Garhwal),  246 174, Uttarakhand 

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Dr. Kavita Bhatt 'Shailputri'

Author, Editor & Orator

About  :   Dr. Kavita Bhatt was born in Tehri Garhwal (Uttarakhand) in 1979. She has been honored with the title ‘Shailputri’ during an esteemed program by Patel Pratinidhi Sabha, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India and  Akhil Bharatiy Sahitya Academy Awardee (2019) ...  More

Publications:  Published academic, literary and edited books and Acheivements... More

Awards : Honours/Awards by National and International bodies ... More      

Editor: Nilaambaraa  (e-patrikaa)

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Shailputri Foundation

Shailputri Foundation

Shrinagar (Garhwal),  246 174,  Uttarakhand , Bharat, (India)


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