Honours & Awards


6.       Bhatt, Kavita, Bharteeya Sahitya me Jeevan Moolya, ISBN 978-93-85679-68-1, Raghav Publication, New Delhi, Year 2019






1. The review of the book ‘Yoga ke Saiddhantik evam Kriyatmak Paksh’ has been published in 'Pustak Sanskriti'  the magazine National Book Trust,   Bharat, MoE, Govt. of India, issue July-September, 2017, pg. 55-56

2.    Several books have been selected as Text book for the Curriculum  of Graduation  and Post-Graduation Classes of various Universities

3.     The review of ‘Man ke Kagaj Par’ has been published in “Hindi Chetana” the quarterly international magazine of Hindi Pracharini Sabha, Canada, issue July-September ssue 72, October 2016, pg. 58-5

4.  The Updating of above all books has been published in Hindi Chetana (International) with covers and other details. 

5.   The books 'Soorya' and 'Chandrama' have been awarded by Dr. Virendra Kumar Smriti Balsahitya Samman 

6.    The Hindi and English editions of  "Yoga-Manjusha'  got appreciated and specially remarked in reviews by scholars, readers and academicians.

7.    The copies of 'Ghungharee'  got placed in the parliamentary library of Canada. 

Dr. Kavita Bhatt 'Shailputri'

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